I have been honored to serve the citizens of Reno since I was first elected in November of 2014 and while the Reno City Council has made a lot of progress since that time there are many important issues which still need to be addressed.  

For that reason, I am seeking reelection to represent the citizens of Ward 4.

If reelected there are many important issues which we need to continue to address but none so important for those who live in Ward 4 than traffic congestion and affordable housing two issues which continue to grow as the City itself grows.  

While this current Council has been able to pay down the City’s debt by nearly $200m during my term in office and we have had our credit rating improved to an A- due to those efforts we are still faced with budget issues as our revenue growth is not matching the demand for services.  We continue to work on ways to address these short falls and increase funding for personnel in our public safety departments.  

Both our Police and Fire Departments are staffed well below levels in 2008 when the recent recession hit our area.  I will continue to fight to find ways to fund full staffing of these Departments as they provide one of the most basic of services to our community.

For these and so many more reasons I seek your support for reelection to Reno City Council Ward 4.

For further information on issues go to issues page.